girl me


i have gone by amy

and hasn't it been fun

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obligatory friends-only post
girl me
this journal is, for the most part, friends-only. because... it just is. if you were on my previous list and don't get added within the week please slap me in the face and remind me to add you. danke.

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hey, sushi. ADD ME!!!!!!

this the auzzi, think ya could add moi?

um... I'm not sure I know you. ?

hello...add me???

May I see your friends-only posts too? :O

Bah! Talk about irony, lol. The above anonymous comment was me. I didn't realize I was not logged in.

hehe. =P I shall add you.

There are only four people- including myself- on all of livejournal that have pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconeosis listed as one of their interests. I'm curious as to the characters of those other than myself who would list such an absurd thing.

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